Tuesday, February 23, 2010

if it's tuesday it must be random, right?

~ i've reached the bit of life of pi where pi finds himself in a 26' lifeboat with a 450 pound tiger named richard parker and i've remembered why i didn't really get into the book previously. it raises my heart rate to nearly unbearable levels just reading it. and i can't sit still at all from squirming all around. at least the tiger has taken care of that awful hyena now. he was bugging the hell out of me.

~ nobel prize-winning economist/new york times columnist paul krugman has two cats named doris lessing and albert einstein. i think that's so cool.

~ i'm starting to have a time alone deficit. husband is working on big, giant spreadsheets and has been working at home. and i realize that i like being by myself. and even need to be by myself. soon.

~ i just found myself writing an email on the pleasures of montenegro and now i want to go there.

~ is it just me or does it sometimes seem like everyone else has it all figured out and you're the only one being totally left behind?

~ one of my worst fears has come true...after those people from high school found me on facebook, one of them took a break from praying in her status updates to suggest a 25-year class reunion for this summer. and oddly, i found myself saying "sure, if i'm in the country," which led me to believe that i had suffered a blow to the head that i didn't remember (which perhaps only PROVED the blow to the head), which caused quite a lot of alarm laughter amongst my real friends, which ended up quite fun.  leaving me, once again, with mixed feelings about that whole being found by the old school crowd and about facebook in general.

~  i heard they're going to start charging for facebook sometime next summer. i can tell you that when that happens, i will immediately leave. that ship has sailed, people.

~ speaking of facebook, although i didn't have the heart to turn down the friendship requests of the old classmates, i have no qualms whatsoever about passive aggressively swearing like a sailor and praying to  nordic gods in my status updates. things which are probably far more offensive to them than me ignoring their friend requests.

~ and while we're on the subject of facebook or twitter for that matter, if you find yourself at any point typing the word toilet along with too much information about your own bodily functions, for the love of odin, erase it and write something about a kitten instead. we seriously don't want to read that shit. pun intended.

~ what on earth am i going to take a picture of today for my 365 project? as spud says, this 365 thing is a marathon and i'm starting to think that it's making my lungs give out.

~ random words deserve random pictures.


Liz said...

Are you SURE you're American? You don't SEEM American to me. Far too funny, irreverent and, well, random to be truly American.

Great post, and I love that photo. Were you at a lock museum or do you just have random locks and bolts around your house?

Elizabeth said...

About the 'is it just me'. In the every day to day life, I believe, people are just wearing their society mask and pretend they know where they are going. Or they just don't think about these matters. They made at some point in their life a decision and just keep affirming that decision. You are in a transition period and so you question probably just about everything.

Good luck tonight, I will be thinking of you!!!!


Bron said...

haha - your observations about facebook and twitter are spot on - and also very funny!

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

Holy crap and for the love of Odin I am, in this moment, giving you two thumbs up, wearing a smirk and nodding in agreement on everything you wrote about Facebook. Especially the charging part. FB get over yerself.

WV: blessojo

Molly said...

Yup, pretty random :). I'm completely with you on facebook and The Life of Pi but can't agree about Paul Klugman's cats - having had to study Doris Lessing at Uni and endure various fked-up members of her family over the years I pity the kitty named after her!

Suecae Sounds said...

"~ and while we're on the subject of facebook or twitter for that matter, if you find yourself at any point typing the word toilet along with too much information about your own bodily functions, for the love of odin, erase it and write something about a kitten instead. we seriously don't want to read that shit. pun intended."

Hear hear!

Bee said...

I wonder who has the nicer feline temperament, Doris or Albert? Our cat is punishing us for going away last week . . . and keeps lunging at our ankles.

Pay for Facebook? No way.

I didn't get through Life of Pi, either. It is on my "need to give another try" reading list.

Barb said...

Yup, I'm with you on the facebook thing too. It was really fun for about a month. Now it seems like a chore to even go there. I would definitely not pay for it. Love your pics. As for the 365, it's only my first time around, so I'm not burned out yet. But I liked your suggestion about color collages. Hang in there!

Sarah said...

Finally! Someone who gets it! I see have found the right blog for me. Wow, you nailed it with the Facebook observations. I am with you 100% on that and thought I was the only one thinking it.

This is a great post on a wonderful blog. Thank you so much!

mel said...

I loved Life of Pi, though I'm not entirely sure I "got" it... There seemed to be some level of metaphor that was flying just out of reach for my tiny brain!

You are NOT the only one who hasn't got it all figured out... I often feel that way - And then I think that those people who seem like they do just aren't asking the question. Some portion of those are truly content (and therefore DO have it figured out), but some are just in denial, like I was. Now I'm confused as hell most days and don't know where I'm going, but I'm happy that I asked the question, and am happier now than when seeming (or trying to seem!) like I had it all together.

Facebook? Pay? I almost just spit out my coffee. Not a chance.

julochka said...

liz - i've been gone from the US for a very long time and i live among danes, who are ironic and sarcastic all the time. :-) thank odin!

elizabeth - once again, you prove you are my wise zen master. thank you.

kuka - glad you found them both correct and funny. FB is bugging me lately, but i can't seem to stay away.

TFM - too bad there's no "like" button here, eh? :-)

molly - i'm glad you approve of the arbness. i read doris lessing's mara & dan and am certain you're right that she's disturbed.

suecae sounds - i wish i dared to actually SAY it on FB, where it's most relevant.

Bee - doesn't your cat do that even when you stay home? and i'm so glad you didn't do life of pi previously, makes me feel better about the two times i've previously abandoned it.

sarah - welcome. come on in and stay awhile. :-)

mel - i'm not sure i'm getting Pi either. i've been thinking a lot about the significance of the animals that were in the boat--zebra, hyena, orangutan and lion--i'm sure there's something deeper there, but i haven't connected to it yet.

Jodi Anderson said...

I am with you. I absolutely need alone time as well. (I'm okay with our 17-year-old daughter though because we are both very quiet and into our own projects during the day.)

Anyhow, my husband is home today and both he and our daughter are sitting nearby. I feel a little suffocated because I am used to him being at work. I can't seem to get into my usual routines when he works from home. All the more reason for me to finish cleaning up my studio/office!!

Bocat said...

Oh my god - where do I start? Life of Pi - stick with it, it's one of my favorite books and well worth reading to the end.
FB - pay for it? Nope, won't do it and will save all that damn time I use up checking it throughout the day. Solitude: if I don't get enough, I'm an ogre. Others who have "it" figured out? Exhausting and don't want anything to do with them.... :-)
Thanks for the post - made me laugh - repeatedly!

Char said...

the 365 is killing me at the moment as i don't have time to breathe much, and to take a shot is just...exhausting. lately i've fallen into the snapshot relm and i am hating myself.


no, i won't pay for facebook either.

Just Jules said...

in order
::haven't read it
::that is cool
::totally need my alone time too
::I'd like to go anywhere -travel desired
::was wondering if you found the bump on your noggin yet
::I will NOT pay for FB
::I love to spark curious eye brow raising side whispering from my former classmates by saucing up my FB statuses or at least the follow up coments.
::funny pun - no shit
::Marathons require fueling during the race, grab a gatorade, snatch a banana... and keep running
::love random pics