Thursday, March 04, 2010

hmm, it seems i did have seven more random things in me...

mariA-thérèse of afiori tagged me (last week, oops!) for one of those 7 random things posts. i'm not actually sure there are seven that i haven't previously shared, but i thought i'd give it a whirl. and with a photo for each. because that might distract from the lameness of the seven things.

i love yarn. can't stop buying it, despite being utterly unable to knit or crochet.
just bought this yesterday. 
i am going to try to make one of these 
to match my new orange coat (which i believe i've mentioned before).
that one yarn that looks quite red in this pic is actually much more orange.

i love weaving, despite what happened that one day. byegones, i say.
there is something so peaceful and soothing about pressing the pedals and swinging the thingie (dang, i'm missing terminology here) forward. 
must look up the terms in english b/c the danish ones clearly don't stay in my head.
tho' i'm not that fond of this pattern, mostly because i could never remember where i was.
you can see i messed it up a couple of times.
but these are learning pieces.

i grew up with horses and i think they're good for the soul.

i love pretty ribbon.
and sunshine on pretty ribbon...even better.
got the ribbon here.
the sunshine was sent by google.

i do not miss going back and forth to norway. not one little bit.

i love house-hunting. i think it's really, really fun.
and i can easily imagine myself in every single house, at least during my visit.

i think there's nothing quite like a cotton candy bigger than you on a summer day.

and on that note, i'd like to tag a bunch of new bloggy friends, whose 7 things i'd love to read:

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and i just want to say that i'm really grateful to all these new bloggy faces for commenting on my blog in recent weeks.
changing jobs and house-hunting has seriously cut into my blogging time/energy and i'm grateful you all commented so that i was in turn led to your blogs.
because i always check out the profile/blog of anyone who comments (that's a hint, lurkers).
and i've discovered some great new friends that way.

of course, i still love all of my old blog friends, but i figured you've been random thinged to death. :-)

thanks maria-thérèse for tagging me for this one.

and do check out my tumblr. i'm adding good stuff all the time! and it's so much fun!


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Wow, you can weave?!!!! It looks really impressive!!

Thank you for playing along & doing so with very pretty photos!

"the sunshine was sent by google" - hehe, whut?

spudballoo said...

It's called a shuttle. I have no idea how I know that? Must have been a weaver in a previous life!

Super photos and lovely sentiments. For goodness sake stop buying yarn and knit or crochet the damn stuff LOL (ooops, sorry kitty...)

Get over here and I'll teach you. come on Sunday and meet Bee and Blanca and me for a Snog. Seriously, we are going to a place called Snog. LOL LOL LOL (bang bang bang)

Megan Raines said...

What amazing cotton candy! I can't knit either, but I do appreciate the gorgeous pictures of the yarn.

f8hasit said...

How are ALL of your photos so mezmerizing? Love the random. Love the photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm with f8hasit! Your photographs are just amazing. All of them. So glad to know you have a tumblr! I'll be heading there next...

Char said...

i need to take a tumbl...hahaha for inspiration's sake.

love the randomness - my life is seemingly one random event after another lately.

i want some candy floss bigger than my head and summer warmth

Andrea said...

Nice post...
Love the cotton candy pic. :)

Suzanne said...

I'm not really a lurker. I'm just lazy.

And you are one brave soul to allow Sabin that amount of sugar. I'd have to peel mine off the roof.

Anonymous said...

Impressive weaving!

SE'LAH... said...

those woven pieces are so are so talented. wow.

so love your craftiness.
one love.

mrs mediocrity said...

love this...I also have a serious yarn problem...among other your blog!

Joanna Jenkins said...

High Fives on the 7s-- The photos are wonderful. The cotton candy especially catch my eye-- The size is almost magical.

have a great weekend.

stephanie said...

Thanks for tagging me! I've never done anything like this but I will post my 7 things on Monday. Have a great weekend!

Bocat said...

My goodness, you may just be the person to get me to break out my very large bin of beautiful yarn and actually start knitting again. Damn you!

Amy said...

Just seeing this 'tag' now -

LOVE that red house (barn?).

I find house hunting exciting and scary!