Thursday, August 05, 2010

an interview with beth of be yourself...

beth has also been here in my corner of the blogosphere from the beginning. she feels like an old friend. i'm certain that if we got together in real life, we'd just pick up the conversation and feel like we'd known one another forever. she is an absolute wizard with her camera (which i was surprised to learn was a pentax) and does magic with photoshop. here is her interview (all of the pretty pictures are beth's):

1. your life philosophy (boiled down to one sentence):

"everything happens for a reason"

2. nikon or canon?

pentax k-10 and k-7

3. the ONE lens you wouldn't want to be without.

it would have to be my 17-50mm 2.8

4. your very best photoshop tip.

don't let it suck up every minute of your life

5. what's your dream camera?

a polaroid with enough film to last me the rest of my life

6. if you were going to run away, where would you go?

that's an easy one....seaside, florida and nobody would have to send the police out looking for me, since everyone knows that's where i'd go.

7. you've mentioned that you've moved around a lot - how do you cope with packing and unpacking your life?

by loving every minute of it and embracing it as an adventure. i have been very lucky to always have a moving company come into our house and pack everything up and move everything for us....sometimes they have even done the unpacking for us, but that's usually a bit of a nightmare. i like going through all the boxes's kind of like christmas.

8. when you're feeling down, what do you do to cheer yourself up?

i stay home, turn the music up and dance....some chocolate usually helps, too. i have also found that admitting to my family that i'm down or grouchy, makes for fewer raised eyebrows and finger pointing.

9. if you were a car, what would be you be?

a black mini-cooper with a white stripe.

10. you're so thin, it's hard for me to believe you would ever indulge in comfort food, but if you do, what is it?

well, thank you very much for the compliment. as far as comfort food goes, cheese is my go-to food. here in wisconsin, it's possible to eat it three times a day, in ways most people have never even imagined. and when night falls, a big slice of key lime pie after dinner, washed down with a cup of hot tea, and i am a happy girl.

* * *

thank you, beth. if you want to drop by to go on a photo excursion with me, i promise to make you a key lime pie. but please do bring that polaroid. :-)


Trina Y. said...

just a quick thang, my droid phone has an app that takes pictures and turns them into polariods... I just took some in Montana and haven't downloaded them yet... but they did turn out really cool!


Anonymous said...

well, if it's possible to find out even more about us being to peas in a pod, i just did with the only difference being charcoal grey with a white stripe! ;-)

Erin Wallace said...

So nice to see Beth on here! I love her blog and she seems to be such a great person. Love that Joy picture.

xo Erin

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

That "joy" photo is just beautiful. I am really enjoying these interviews. Thank you for sharing these with all of us.

mrs mediocrity said...

I love Beth, she is my daily ray of sunshine, there is always a smile to be had on her blog.
photoshop tip: "don't let it suck up every minute of your life" classic. and so very true.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm a Beth groupie and happy to see her interview here. So glad she joined in the fun. Terrific interview. Thanks ladies.

Caroline said...

Oh great interview! I adore Beth and it's so fun to get to know more about her.

Beth said...

Beth's words and photos light up my life too. Cool interview.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures from a woman who knows what she wants. A very good combination.

Bernie said...

I enjoy Beth's blog and love her photo's. Enjoyed reading this interview very much....:-) Hugs

Formerly known as Frau said...

Great interview....I love Beth's pictures and blog. Okay I will stop whining about unpacking nightmare I'm in since I didn't pack it...but its never ending!

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

Love the words, the font and oh yes, the photos...thanks for more widening of our horizons.

Country Girl said...

Love Beth's blog. What a great interview. Enjoyed the questions!

Cam said...

I am definitely on Team Beth!! Thank you for interviewing her :)

Sammi said...

i am dying for a polaroid camera right now, its on my wish list!

isn't it awesome how we're getting to know each other with you doing this, Julie!