Sunday, May 29, 2011

let's get lost: ohrid

lake ohrid, in macedonia, is close to my heart. i had an idyllic three weeks there in the summer of 1995, which led me to return on a fulbright in 1997. a time which changed the entire course of my life for the better (and ultimately enabled me to live the entire bush administration outside the US). if you want unspoiled beauty, great pizza, some lovely (but inexpensive) local wine and to feel history under your fingernails, visit ohrid.

st. clement of ohrid

st. jovan kaneo on the horizon (where you can get a glass of raki at 10 a.m.)

enjoying the lake

not really at ohrid, but at a little hotel near tito veles (also in macedonia).

*  *  *

these photos were taken in macedonia in july 2007.


Lost Star said...

I love these little trips around the world through your blog. They have me dreaming of just packing up and leaving for someplace unknown.

Mirjana Novak Cesar said...

Lake Ohrid or Ohridsko Jezero is dear to my heart too. I was born in Crotia, and I visited Ohrid on the school trip in summer 1979, well before the war in ex-Yugoslavia. Those were the good times. (just a little correction, plum brandy drink you are mentioning is rakija (ra-khy-ya) and the town's name in the last photo is Titov Veles).
I live in US for almost two decades now, but my kids enjoy tremendously when we visit my old country. For them it's a beautiful adventure every time.

julochka said...

hi mirjana - thanks - i did mean titov veles - just a typo there.

tho' the spirit i was served at the church at 10 a.m. was definitely more like the turkish raki than slivovica, hence my turkish spelling of it. :-)

mrs mediocrity said...

After you tweeted this title I had to go and dig out my Chet Baker CD and listen to it while I gardened.
It looks like a fabulous place.