Thursday, July 28, 2011

deed to a treehouse


sabin hereby purchases poppelvej 24 (our old address and what she decided to call her treehouse), y17 belch city (bøvseby) for the totally crazy sum of:

25 danish kroner ($5)

according to the transaction and ownership of the above-named, the following apply:

~ a key will be delivered with the deed.

~ adults may enter the property, if they ask nicely and bow deeply.

~ the fireplace (outside, in front of the treehouse) may be used by the owners of the adjacent property if they bring a small oak tree as thanks.

~ no trumpets may be played after 5:23 p.m.

~ no cows, horses, buffalo, starfish or whales may be kept on the property.

~ air balloons may not land on the roof of the building.

~ the building may not be moved to ground level, but must remain a least 1.5 meters over the ground, but no higher than 30,000 feet.

~ only far (supermann) can make structural changes to the building.

~ sabin may decide the interior decoration of the building and outdoor areas and does not have to do what her mother says with regard to these areas.

~ the building may be painted on the outside if far (supermann) says that it's necessary. sabin can choose the color, but it must be either swedish red, black or green.

when everyone has signed below, and the 25DKK is paid, this deed is in effect.

signatures from buyer, the king of belch city (bøvseby) and the sweetest mother in the world.

*  *  *

husband is such a keeper.

the treehouse has already been taken into use as a center for secret potion production, harry potter-stylie.


nacherluver said...

Fun! Fun!

Sammi said...


heidikins said...

Ohmygoodness, this is awesome.


The Queens Table said...

Fantastic! Enjoy Sabin! Watch out for the Polyjuice Potion!

Magpie said...

this is most excellent and i WILL NOT allow my potion-making 7yo to see it because she will WANT ONE.

DahnStarr said...

Her very own "Shrieking Shack"! How cool is that!?! (Need to add: no Scabers allowed at anytime!)

Loredana said...

How very, VERY cool!!! When I come to visit am I allowed to stay in the tree house?

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

How much will she charge for an overnight stay-??

kristina said...

just perfect. you're giving her a truly magical childhood!

Sandra said...

husband is definitely a keeper! Fabulous job!

Pia K said...

<3 ! brings back memories of my own childhood when we did something similar when i got the key for my playhouse in the woods behind our summer house. never did get that tree-house though, lucky sabine!

celkalee said...

My son had a great tree house with a killer front porch. We watched the world from there, we planned his future there and one time he ran away from home, to his tree house, with his dog for about an hour:)

Brandy Marie said...

How cute!! _B