Wednesday, July 20, 2011

in for a tune-up

20/6.2011 - summer is a blur

do you ever feel out of alignment? unfocused? out of sync? 

if so, i suggest that you go get a quilt (it's ok if your bunnies have chewed a few holes in it),
spread it in a shady spot (but not too shady) on the lawn,
fetch a couple of pillows and a good book
and maybe a tall glass of iced tea.
talk the cat into curling up at your side (oddly enough, he'll do this for cookies).

now proceed to spend the entire afternoon right there.
and don't feel guilty about it for a second. 

i guarantee you'll feel like a new person.

what might seem like wasted time to an outside observer is likely to be the best time you'll spend all week.

you'll be rejuvenated, realigned, refocused and totally in sync.

so what are you waiting for?


Barbara said...

sounds wonderful! wish I could do that right now, but at least I can imagine it. Thanks!

Anne said...

We must be having some sort of transatlantic/transcontinental mind meld, because I have been thinking about writing almost exactly this post. Almost every day for the last couple of weeks I've packed up a soft quilt, a snack (bread and cheese and fruit, usually), a drink, and a book and gone to the park with Luna. She's more interested in playing with tennis balls than curling up at my side, and I usually only make it out for half an hour or an hour after work, but it is such a lovely way to hit "reset" on a brain that's been too tightly wound. I'm so glad that you're enjoying something similar!

will said...

I'll do that, except it will be with a gin & tonic, a big black dog, an iPad and ear buds ... no pillows, just a lawn chair on a wood deck.

will said...

forgot ... and some corn chips and guacamole.

stephanie said...

That pretty much sounds perfect. Excellent advice that I think I should follow this afternoon, in fact.

abby said...

This is exactly what I needed to hear, and you said it so eloquently. Thanks for the post.

Numinosity said...

That 's what I do as soon as the sun comes out, a total recharge of the batteries.
xoxo Kim

Veronica Roth said...

Next that the week after that.

Teri Lynn said...

Wonderful advice. I think any tie with nature will help you do this.. i went to a lake house on sunday and just spent the entire day outside and felt much of the same effects.

Sammi said...

i am waiting for it to stop raining!! :) i do like that idea. a couple of weeks ago when it was beautiful and sunny me and the dog laid on his blanket in the garden reading books and magazines it was beautiful

Karen said...

Oh, how I need this.

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Sounds so peaceful! Was your tea sweet(the only way to make tea)?

Have a great day

Tracy :)

Brandy Marie said...

I do feel out of it! But if I laid out a throw & pillows my girls would have a tea party set up before I could return with a book ;) I guess crumpets and tea are not that bad of an afternoon waster.. Now if I could get Phoenix to turn do the heat a little..._B