Wednesday, July 27, 2011

radical change

i've been coloring my hair blonde since i was a junior in high school.
that was a long time ago.
today, that all changed.

and i have to tell you that i feel incredibly liberated.
who knew a color and cut could free up so much baggage?
baggage i didn't even know i was carrying around.
and definitely didn't attach to my hair color.

i seriously feel like a new person.

mostly it feels pretty good that i finally really dared something.
and it feels like just the beginning.

~ photos by sabin.


Bonnie Zieman, M.Ed. said...

It really suits you. It will be interesting to see if people treat you differently!

I tried to go to back to my natural color (dark blonde) once, only to hear major protests from family and friends. (I could not get used to not being blonde myself - and clearly neither could they.)

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

It really does suit you! It brings out your eyes and your wisdom.

Lovely pictures by Sabine!

Sammi said...

It looks awesome I was so shocked when I saw it on facebook but you do look fabulous :D xxxx

Mel said...

What a wonderful post. And you look fabulous!!!

Shokoofeh said...

Look at you, my beautiful lady friend! Aw... the new haircut is so good on you and also the color! :)

Teri and her Stylish Adventure Cats said...

The 2nd photo is my favorite...very playful and summertimey.

I told myself I would stop coloring my hair when I found grey ones 'down there' and other than wishing I could have an eyelift, I don't feel any older going grey...and I love saving some $$ too as I didn't color my hair myself.

will said...

Nice bunny ears.

heidikins said...

Love this!
(And love Bill's comment re: bunny ears)


Lisa at lil fish studios said...

It took me all the way to the last photo to believe it was you.

It looks gorgeous! You look gorgeous. Can't wait to hear what other activities this liberation sparks in you.

Jess said...


Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I absolutely love your new "do" !!!! You got a great cut and your color is gorgeous!!! Isn't it amazing how much better we feel just by stepping out of our box and getting a new look?!!? I've had my hair red since I was a junior in high school and it's been different shades of red ever since. I've also had very short hair for years but have recently been growing it out just a little bit. I need a change, too. : )

~ Wendy

Pia K said...

aha, i didn't know you had coloured your hair in a major way before, wow, then i can totally, or rather even more, understand the liberating feeling of this!! congrats to taking a new step in your life, liberating indeed! and the bunny-ear-comment, i see that now, fun:)

wf = lazedy, how appropriate.

nacherluver said...


Tara Thayer said...

i love it!
and i love you.

and would you absolutely hate me if i said...
can i?
should i?

you look a little,
well, just a bit...



Karen said...

I didn't know you were blonde... this looks perfectly natural and really youthful on you!...the hair cut is a good one for your face too.. that always helps. Good decision!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

Bravo to you for embracing look lovely, happy and self-assured! Good for you!!! Cheers, Patti

Anonymous said...

Love it Julie! I think it suits you much better than the blond, it looks softer and yet lively :)

artist in the arctic said...

Love your new color Julie! You look fabulous!! xo

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Would not have known you! I really think the color looks great.

Have a great day!

Tracy :)