Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wanted: thieves of a bronze age mini skirt

i've actually shared these shots with you previously. but i just learned that back in september, this replica of the egtved pige's (egtved girl) clothing was stolen from a display at her grave near egtved (a little town not too far from where we live). it's a copy of the clothing found on her that was painstakingly reconstructed in 1980-81 by susanne magelund, using the sort of materials and methods that the original garment had been made of.

the good news is that the weaving group at my favorite little museum in randbøldal is going to take on the project of constructing a new version of the clothing during 2013. if i get my act together and go there a bit more often, i may even get to be part of the process! (and i might try to convince them to make an extra skirt for me - i still think that's a pretty cool design and i do like me a short skirt.)

i think it's magical that there are groups of volunteers who have both the notion and the guts to take on such a project. the original dress, which is safe in the national museum in copenhagen is 3300 years old and one of the best-preserved textiles of its kind ever found. it's pretty awesome that a group of people with equal measures of passion and curiosity want to undertake duplicating such an amazing garment.

but boo to those jerks who stole it. i suppose they thought it was the original and would be worth a lot of money. i imagine when they found out it wasn't, that they callously threw it away somewhere. it's such a shame.


will said...

What color Converse All-Stars will you wear w/ this mini skirt?

julochka said...

that is an EXCELLENT question. i have brown ones, but they may not be quite the right shade.

Spilling Ink said...

Time for a pair of high Dr Martens boots my dear!

Elizabeth said...

Sad to hear that it is stolen. We visited that little place and saw the replica and my thoughts were as yours I would love to have one like that!!!! :)