Wednesday, December 19, 2012

no boring lamps

you know how i love me a good lamp, so it's actually quite surprising that a.) i haven't shown you our fabulous triplex lamp before this (it arrived clear back in august) and b.) that our house is otherwise so rubbishly-lit. it's no wonder i just needed new and much stronger reading glasses (to the tune of way more kroner than i care to admit or type). but it is not the fault of the triplex lamp. you may know a bit about it, since bloggy friend ulrika and her husband have revived this swedish classic and are producing them once again today.  ours is one of the first batch (no. 11) and we're thrilled to bits to have it.

come to think of it, i might not have shared it before because all i've taken are rubbish photos of it that do not, by any means, do it justice. i suggest you head over to the triplex website to see some proper pictures of it.

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flannery o'kafka has an awesome feel. 

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ithkuil : the search for a more perfect (rational?) language.


will said...

It's one thing to write a perfect language, but translating it into sounds, that seems daunting.

julochka said...

@bill - i KNOW! and what do you do when crazy ukrainians take it over?

nacherluver said...

Beautiful Lamp! What luck to own one. :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Can you buy these lamps in the states? I love the map on the wall!!

Tracy :)