Tuesday, May 21, 2013

happy monday that's actually a tuesday!

it's tuesday, but it feels like monday since monday was like sunday this week due to another of those danish spring holidays. the benefit of having a tuesday that's a monday is that you don't have a monday kind of a monday, since monday was a lot like sunday and tuesday is well, tuesday. so it can only be a good day, right? it's overcast, but warm and balmy, so i'm not complaining. you can't really complain much when you're wearing bright pink pants. even if you are also wearing your old wellies that are full of holes because you can't really decide what color of new ones to get. plus, it's a good year for dandelions. and is there anything more cheerful than a dandelion?

* * *

do we have to like the characters in the books we read?

* * *

what do we think of flickr's changes?
methinks they took a page from the Google+ design book.

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Sandra said...

Somehow, you can get away with bright pink pants! You have been abroad long enough have a kinder attitude toward dandelions, as we know over here they are the scourge of perfect lawn keeping. :) I, on-the-other-hand, have taken the same approach as you, they are sunny, happy additions!