Monday, October 21, 2013

catching up after an unseasonably warm monday

unseasonably warm temperatures have the birds around here singing like it's spring, the mushrooms and other fungi going crazy, the raspberries continuing long after they are usually finished and it's even confused a few of the strawberries, which are blossoming again. and here we thought global warming was a bad thing.

* * *

the child is home from russia and she had a wonderful time, tho' she says she doesn't think we should go there for a family vacation (it might be a case of been there, done that syndrome). highlights were the circus and a fabulous piece of cake she had in an old theatre turned café. after all my worries, it all turned out ok (tho' she admitted that the rhino was no fun when he was stressed, which was most of the time). i'm glad i had those flight numbers in the end, so that i knew her flight home was delayed by half an hour. it's not that much fun hanging out at midnight in billund airport.

* * *

just saw a piece in the local newspaper about a recent wine tasting evening for women. like in english, there is but a small difference between the words wine and whine (vin - hvin) and our local journalist didn't hesitate to use it in characterizing the evening, adding insult to injury in the headline by referring to it as a henhouse on top of it all. aren't we beyond such sexism disguised as smug cuteness on the part of male journalists? sadly, apparently we are not.

* * *

i want need a projecteo!


Sammi said...

tell me more about Sabin's trip, please :) St. Petersburg has been on my bucket list since I saw Anastasia as a kid (and yes, I know perhaps that shouldn't be what I base where I want to go on, but for this one place it is)!

Mind you, I'm not sure I want to go to Russia right now with all their anti gay laws, even if EasyJet are flying there already.

celkalee said...

first, so glad Sabin is home, safe and sound, a very sophisticated traveler.

second, you are so the queen of fungus! amazing photos. thanks for sharing.