Thursday, October 10, 2013

oh what a beautiful morning

i'm finally feeling better after battling a low-grade fever for several days. i think i've got it licked now.
or maybe it's just that the sun came out and it was a glorious morning.
the chickens love hanging out near the horses.
as soon as i let them out in the morning, they run over there.
it's like they're friends. or maybe they just like horse poo.

* * *

and the nobel prize for literature 2013 went to alice munro.
oddly, i've never read her.
actually, not so oddly, as i don't often read north american writers.
except jonathan franzen, barbara kingsolver, paul auster and siri hustvedt.
and david foster wallace.

* * *

did you know about the bandcamp website?
it's full of cool, indie music. 
like this - something fierce by marian call
or this song - cats and netflix that i suspect is about me.
bandcamp might be myspace for hipsters. 
in a good way.

1 comment:

will said...

Maybe the chickens are in awe of the horse's size and maybe they're having a chicken religious moment. Then again, they could be snacking on the bugs stirred up by the horse.