Friday, October 18, 2013

friday randomness

little chocolate-colored flowers from the garden on the windowsill. i've been collecting acorn caps every time i go out to the barn as well, to try my hand at lisa's famous felted acorns. i want a more natural look to our christmas tree this year.

i thought the raspberries were finished after we had a couple of frosty nights in recent weeks. but they were most decidedly not finished and the frost seems to have rendered them sweeter and more delicious than ever.

* * *

in the wake of the recent weeks of madness in the US congress, i find myself wondering what passport i will have when the US completely falls apart? will illinois issue passports themselves? or south dakota? or arizona? and what will the requirements be? place you were born? where you last lived? where you hold your driver's license? or will i qualify for asylum in denmark as a stateless person?

* * *

have you seen these fabulous dressed sculptures? they bring hipster to a whole new level.

* * *

i'm missing the child, but she's having a wonderful time in st. petersburg. and thanks to the wonders (and ubiquitousness) of wifi and FaceTime, we've been speaking to her daily. things have most definitely changed since i studied in russia nearly 20 years ago (holy crap, it was nearly 20 years ago!)

* * *

our local scouts hold a big two-day flea market every year at this time and i can't wait 'til the doors open at 2 so i can go to see what treasures are there! photos will most surely follow.

* * *

happy weekend, one and all.


Anonymous said...

The Husbandly one made me oats for breakfast this morning. With a handful of frozen raspberries tossed in. Heavenly, especially with a shot of thick cream...

Molly said...

Deeply envious of your flea market visit!

Unknown said...

I like the chocolate flowers in the window, that's a gorgeous photo!
Very nice post this morning. Have a good weekend!

Ariadne said...

Looking forward to your flea market finds!AriadnefromGreece!

Veronica Roth said...

Those flowers look fantastic in that quirky vase. Love it. I should go see if there are any chocolate cosmos left in the garden. I plant one for C every year, (her favourite) but she brings the blossoms in to have on her bedside table all season long. I doubt there are that many out there. Wish I had room for fall raspberries. I've got the spring kind and mostly miss them for being in E. :(

Ida said...

Found your blog through Veronica's blog. - You have awesome stuff here.
Acorns are so cute, especially when they are tiny like yours are.
Interesting post with the sculpture who puts clothes on them.
Raspberries still...lucky you.