Friday, October 11, 2013

the joy of jumping

all dressed up for their first gala party at school. last week, all of the classes made films and last night, they had an "oscar" party to award the best ones. through our connections in the states, we ordered up dresses that no one else would have and spent some nerve wracking hours in various malls last week, looking for the perfect shoes. it was so much fun helping them with hair and a touch of makeup (mostly mascara). they looked so pretty and joyful and excited.

but i don't wish myself back there, not even for a second. nor do i fear the years ahead and what they will bring. it was just lovely to see them all dressed up, happy and excited for their party in the here and now. they were bubbling with energy and happiness and it was wonderful. we have to enjoy these moments as they come and leave all of the worries and regrets for some other day. and yesterday, in the presence of the bloom of youth, it was easy to do just that.

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