Sunday, October 20, 2013

cheerful little acorns

i tried my hand at lisa's felted acorns. the first one was a bit mutant and enormous, so i went a bit smaller. most of my acorn caps are pretty small anyway. they ended up a little more round and not quite so acorn-shaped, but i decided that i liked that.

lots of my acorn caps still have their little twig, so i'm doing my best to preserve that. i hope they don't fall off as they get a bit dry. at least not until after christmas, since i want to use these to decorate and also as part of my attempt to wrap things properly this year. yup, this is going to be the year i learn to do it right and stop wrapping like a kindergartener.

i had intentions of doing just white and red felt balls, but i quickly tired of only working with two colors and couldn't help myself but move on to a broader palette.

they look awfully cheerful there on my little old scale. i've been back outside, hunting for more of the small acorn caps. luckily, they're abundant, as we have a lot of oak trees around here.  if i make enough, i can use some to dress up my jams for the upcoming christmas market we've having in a few weeks. so i guess that's what i'll be doing with my sunday afternoon. here's hoping you use yours wisely as well!


celkalee said...

Huge smile here, love these. If I only had a pinch of Lisa's talent! Yours look really cute, good luck.

Ariadne said...

They look lovely!Well done!AriadnefromGreece!

Lisa-Marie said...

They are gorgeous, calling out to be made into a garland!

c is for cape town said...

Oooo a garland would be beautiful. But I do like them as gift and jam adornments too.
I love how the blues crept in there - you just can't help yourself!