Friday, October 04, 2013

video killed the radio star

as i told you all last week, my TEDx experience opened up a whole new avenue for me - on nationwide talk radio! it was a bit nerve wracking to "appear" on the radio in a language not my own, and i'm sure i made mistakes (that whole det and den thing still eludes me), but i'm also pretty happy i was able to do it. i also managed to find the clips to share with you.

my radio "appearance" on october 27 with the new US ambassador to denmark, rufus gifford. fast forward to around 35:00, that's where i begin - in danish initially, but in english once the ambassador joined. and i would like to note that just as i began to answer their first question, the ambassador and his entourage (including a guy who puzzlingly had a herring sandwich on plate) came in and i was very distracted. i was nervous, but my fumbling around was much more due to my utter inability to multitask than to my nerves and i did get better:

the conversation i had  that day led to a second "appearance" this week, in a conversation with lise thomsen, who is responsible for a website called expatindenmark. this whole thing is in danish, but you can catch a word here and there (chicago and golf club). i was much more at ease the second time around and i feel so privileged to be part of opening the conversation around the expat experience in denmark (the very next day, berlingske ran a piece on the unfriendliness of the danes by a 12-year-old girl!). the only way to change things is to talk about them and i'm glad we're finally doing so. this one starts at about 41:40:

* * *

big storm heading for south dakota.

watch more of this guy's videos on youtube, he's a worldwide weather man. 
have your rubber boots ready!


Elizabeth said...

wow .... you are becoming famous because of that one tweet! :)))

that 12-year old really nailed things perfectly, smart girl!

Michelle said...

I wasted 4 min on that weather man video you posted... waiting for the irony....which didn't happen. so cringe-worthy. urgh.