Monday, October 07, 2013

i've waited 15 years for this

we're not a tribe anymore. #starbucks

we've had starbucks in the airport in copenhagen since 2007, but they never really spread beyond there. i heard tales of one in a mall that's near the airport in copenhagen, but alas, that's far from me and i no longer spend enough time there. so my visits to starbucks are too few and far between.

5/10.2013 - PSL #starbucks #nowthedanescanreallybehappy

but that is no longer the case! on saturday, i learned that one had opened just a few weeks before in a mall in kolding, only about 40 minutes from where i live. tho' i was running a low-grade fever and had a cold coming on, i packed up the child and her friend and her friend's mom and we headed down there for pumpkin spice lattes and frappuccinos and berry-hibiscus refreshas (with their high does of green caffeine, those are sabin's favorite).

latte + #pumpkinspicelatte #starbucks

and then on monday, after school, i said, "let's go have a pumpkin spice latte" to the girls and we went back. just to have coffee. real live starbucks coffee. the people who work there were trained at starbucks in ireland and they are friendly and wonderful just like in a usual starbucks anywhere in the world. and the PSL is just as heavenly as i remembered.

7/10.2013 - hanging out at starbucks, caffeinating the children

and you can never get the children started on their caffeine addiction too early, eh?


will said...

Thank you for supporting a Seattle business.

ps: tho I live in Seattle I've never spent a dime in Starbucks. Maybe if I drank coffee ...

Veronica Roth said...

Lol, Love Sbux even if I don't drink coffee. (caffeine makes me crazy jittery) The people here in Van, where there is an Sbux on every corner, and the usual supper friendly type but the people in both of the two in Oxford are absolute hell. Mostly Russian students, they are rude and absolutely insufferable. They need to be shipped off to Ireland. And, at double the price of my Van addiction, I so miss Sbux for two months at a time. (But there's Costa)