Sunday, October 13, 2013

is i maven my ass

i'm not religious, not in a conventional sense, but i have a fatalistic streak, undoubtedly from having been raised presbyterian (which in our little town was more of a social distinction than a religious one). and i keep wondering if all of these big red flashing lights that have gone off in front of me about sabin's trip to russia are really and truly signs. and if they were and i didn't listen to them, how will i ever live with it? but what if they're not and my expectations to the professionalism of a flock of amateur clowns who normally spend their days playing pool after school with a bunch of quasi-teenagers are simply too high? how do you decide? and how do you live with your decisions afterwards? arrgh!

a friend told me to have is i maven - ice(cream?) in my stomach, if i literally translate. but i don't think it has anything to do with courage, it's more a question of trust. do i trust these people to take care of my 12-year-old daughter in st. petersburg when they can't actually communicate properly or provide me with a simple flight itinerary?  i really don't know what to do about this. are they just a bunch of amateurs who venture no further than a german bunker on a danish beach during their own vacations, so they have no idea what information they should provide? will it all be ok once they get there, because after all, they are used to spending time with young people and even accustomed to traveling with them (to places like berlin, copenhagen, paris and norway)? or will they be as condescending and arrogant with my child as they are towards me? i really feel i don't have the answers to those questions and they certainly aren't forthcoming with the details i've been asking for either. is it the biggest sign of all that they can't even spell st. petersburg in what little correspondence they have had? when is a sign a sign?


will said...

I think you've answered your own question.

Jody Pearl said...

Like my Dad says, "how many times have you got to be hit over the head" and I ditto Bill, if you're asking the question you already know the answer - follow your gut, we weren't given Instincts for no reason and when it comes to our children that is all we have most of the time.

Spilling Ink said...

I ditto Bill.

If Billx3 is not enough for you then imagine how much "fun" the trip will be for Sabin as a 12 year old away from home if this the level of organisation.

DahnStarr said...

When I sent my daughter on a trip to Europe through People To People, when she was 14 I had concerns but in no way ,did I have to worry about the people who were in charge of her! We had training sessions every month for months prior to the trip, I had help getting her Passport, and they made sure that I knew where she was while on the trip. She had a blast and my little rural girl got a great taste of the world. Now, as for your daughters trip...not so much. The adults don't sound as if they know what they are doing. Agree with Bill, why let your daughter be a part of their test group?