Saturday, October 19, 2013

flea market finds

this year's flea market was a bit disappointing. there wasn't any good 70s pottery and when i first went, it was so crowded that it was actually downright unpleasant. but here and there, in between, i managed to find a few treasures. like this embroidered mormor (grandma) pillow with a fine rooster on it. 

i spotted these tiny houses in amongst a bunch of plates and cups that i wouldn't want. they were probably made by some child in school, but i love them.

the guy said i could give 5 kroner for both, but i felt badly about that, so i gave 5 kroner each (about $1). the money does, after all, go to the local scouts.

these will go nicely on my tiny houses board on pinterest (which is part of why i've posted so many photos of them here).

i do wish the child who made them had signed them. that would make them even nicer.

i also found this little teal blue typewriter for just 50 kroner. the blue is much better than it looks in this photos. i've not tried it yet, but i shall.

i had to have this sweet little red enamel bowl - it will be a perfect berry picking bowl. it says made in yugoslavia on the bottom, which makes it even more charming in my book.

tobias approves of the new chicken pillow. or maybe it's just that i put it in his favorite chair.

* * *

i love this little article about unusable words.

* * *

and how about an imaginary world encyclopedia that is unreadable?

* * *

and speaking of books, reading this article makes me long to have lived in another time.


Ariadne said...

Great finds! I love the little houses!Next time how about taking a few pictures of the flea market too?AriadnefromGreece!

celkalee said...

Your charming little houses could possibly have their own category in the Codex Seraphinianus! Love it.

julochka said...

@Ariadne, I did take some shots of the whole market, but they ended up kind of depressing somehow. :-(

@Celkalee - they maybe could!

will said...

I suppose the typewriter writes in Danish ...