Thursday, December 05, 2013

bodil vs. sven: same storm, different name

storm outside - red velvet mocha with whipped cream (including cream cheese) on top inside.
a storm is raging outside. the incompetent danish meteorological institute (which pretty much just makes shit up as far as the weather is concerned) has dubbed it bodil (a name usually applied to middle aged women with asymmetrical haircuts wearing capri pants with three-quarter length boots). they say it's tapering off and i guess there are less creaks and groans coming from the roof at the moment, but it doesn't really seem over. a big piece of the roof of the oldest part of the house (the bit we want to tear down anyway) came off. husband was out there for over an hour on a ladder, battling some big boards into place. if a section of roof had to come off, it was a good spot, over a little "alley" between the two houses (the old part, where my kitchen is today) and the length of the house that was barn (where the new kitchen is slowly taking shape). we'll have to see it in daylight tomorrow.

unfortunately, all of the work husband did this summer, building a drying barn for his wood has come to naught, as that structure came down and now looks like kindling. he actually saw it happen, but there wasn't a thing he could do.

of course, there is much talk about the storm on facebook. one of my facebook friends expressed that he was tired of the media totally exaggerating the storm (tho' personally, i don't think they're exaggerating at all) and thought it was ridiculous that the trains were all canceled. the big bridges are closed as well and even the smaller little belt bridge is closed. i commented that it certainly wasn't exaggerated out at our place. then one of his friends remarked that well, "this time the storm was a woman, so..." remarks like that make me tired. it seems sexism is alive and well in denmark, but not in sweden, where this same storm is called sven.


Pastel Moose said...

I remember back in 1978, we had something called "The Blizzard of '78". It was monstrous, shut the state down almost entirely for a week. People couldn't go to work or even go to the bank or the post office.

It was predicted by very few weatherman, using minimal technology. Those that did predict were accurate.

Now, I can look out the window and see rain and they predict sun. I think they depend way too much on computers and robots to do the forecasting now. That's why it's so inaccurate.

Now, on to the important stuff: where's the recipe for the red velvet mocha with whipped cream?? You can't put something like that in front of me and not expect me to want to devour it :GRIN:

celkalee said...

So, so sorry for your damage. So much work destroyed. Hope morning brings better news.