Saturday, December 07, 2013

the big eight-oh

my dad turns 80 today. i took these photos when he was visiting us last april. he's standing on the quayside, right outside of husband's workplace at the harbor in esbjerg. i don't think he looks 80 at all.

when i think of all of the things he's seen and lived through...from his 8th birthday being eclipsed by the bombing of pearl harbor in 1941, to the first electrical light he can remember shining brightly over the table at the house on the creek to the korean war to the kennedy assassination to nixon's resignation to the election of a b-movie actor to the white house to the monica lewinsky scandal to september's quite the scope of events. not to mention the technologies - from the old linotype that he did the paper on the early years, through to those compugraphic behemoths with their punchtapes feeding into a big round trash can to the early macs to the little iPad he checks his sports scores on today. what a technological sea change.

i hope he has many more years ahead to tell us his stories, always with a wry sense of humor. happy birthday, dad. and many, many more.


will said...

Your dad looks like a cool guy. Good for both of you.

Gee said...

The best photos ever of Uncle Ralph!