Wednesday, December 18, 2013

good news and good links

got some wonderful news today.
let's just say that you can expect a whole lot more LEGO
here on MPC in the new year.

i'm so excited.
and grateful to all of you who helped me with my co-creation question.
and sent good vibes and prayers my way.
they worked.

and after a run to germany for gin and other supplies,
i think i'm almost ready for christmas.

* * *

inside the life of a bookie.

* * *

an interesting blog.

* * *

deep thoughts from john.
worth reading.
worth pondering.

* * *

and for a laugh,
these hilarious answers to test questions.
really worth a look if you need a laugh.

* * *

a pretty accurate little personality test.
and it's short too, so it won't take too much time.


celkalee said...

Absolutely wonderful, congrats!!!!

will said...

Ho Ho Ho! (Watching as she pumps her fist skyward) Merry Christmas!

Veronica Roth said...

Hey great news! Can't wait to find out more. Scary text post between father and son, I was almost in tears reading it...whoa...don't know if I could have waited it out..but then, that emotion comes form my dreamy idealist personality type. :)

Lost Star said...

Hey, I missed this earlier, but CONGRATULATIONS! :D