Sunday, December 15, 2013

the hunt for the perfect christmas tree

it was a beautiful day today, so we went out to get our christmas tree.
since we moved here, we've just cut down one on our own property.
but this year, a neighbor has bought a christmas tree farm, so we decided to support him.

do you think this one is about right?

we'll take it.

how about this short, chubby one? (our ceilings are low, after all.)

husband tried to get us to think outside the conventional beauty standards for christmas trees.

more than once.

in the end, we chose a tall slender one.
(gee, wonder whose idea that was?)

sabin did the honors of sawing it down.

it is a rather fetching little tree.

and husband carried it.
that's what he gets for always saying he's superman.


Lost Star said...

Haha, excellent storytelling! You should have got the little one for your desk!

We are looking for a real Christmas tree - something about Germans and candles and trees (that terrifies me) means a second tree is required! However, the price of trees here is insane, so we probably won't get one now!

Veronica Roth said...

Excellent, and perfect timing. We're off to get our tree tomorrow. We're just going to the Christmas barn at the neighbouring village of Appleton. Not sure if there are any cut your own trees around but also not sure if I could actually cut it down. :(

Marianna said...

How fun! Thank you for your comment about the reindeer. I've gathered supplies (a small bonus to our little ice storm is that are lots of sticks lying around). Now I need some time to work on putting them together!

d smith kaich jones said...

i am more than a tad jealous. in our woods? only pines. i lust for real storybook christms trees that i don't have to buy.

d smith kaich jones said...

and yes, that christmas should have an A in it. :)

d smith kaich jones said...

see how that works? an A in the shape of a tree - an A in the shape of tree that i mistakenly (?) left out of the word christmas. possibly not an accident.