Sunday, December 22, 2013

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

it seems that we're nearly ready. tho' we still haven't baked christmas cookies. there's still time before family descends upon us on the 25th (which the silly danes think is the day after christmas). i pick up my turkey tomorrow at the butcher (i found one at last, tho' it wasn't easy and it's only 5 kilos, so kind of like a big chicken). we got the tree decorated today and even decided to get a second tree - a little one - for our monsters from manila. we set it up, but the light went before we got it decorated, so i'll have to show you tomorrow. i've been feeling a bit under the weather - fever, aches, chills - and i do feel a bit behind. i didn't finish all of the handmade gifts i wanted to make. but this christmas thing comes, relentlessly, whether you're ready or not. i suppose it will all come together somehow or other in the end. and the comfort of taking out beloved ornaments and hanging them on the tree helps. quite a lot.

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