Wednesday, December 11, 2013


ahh, it's one of those rows of numbers to which we ascribe significance. is it lucky? is it auspicious? do i need to create some sort of ceremony around it? if i don't, will bad luck befall me? or will i miss the only chance ever to be able to use the in-a-rowness of these particular numbers? what about the fact that americans think the portentous date happened back in november, due to a writing convention that says month-date-year rather than date-month-year, like the rest of the world? is this my last chance at luck? significance? fate?

probably not.

but just in case, one does feel some kind of need to mark the day. to have it be different or better somehow. i will admit to a bubbling optimism in my mood today (after a trainwreck of a monday and a blah tuesday). my mind is brimming with ideas. i feel motivated and energetic. optimistic. happy. i want to write and sew and bake christmas cookies and even, yes, fold the laundry. i'm feeling optimistic about laundry. it's that good.

maybe there is something in the air. and maybe it can be captured. maybe it can't and you just have to ride with it and enjoy it while it lasts.

whatever it is, something has shifted. my wait isn't yet over, but it suddenly seems bearable and i feel optimistic about the outcome. whether it's the due to 11/12.13 or not, i'll take it.

* * *

speaking of cheery optimism,
go play with this, by the good folks at moo.


Ariadne said...

I hadn't noticed the date. I have mentioned you here!

will said...

I've never understood why people are superstitious or believe in numerology, voodoo and stuff like phrenology. Then again, I carry my lucky rabbet's foot so I know I'm safe from the evil eye of witches.

Veronica Roth said...

I completely lost the plot just after I clicked on the funky dreadlocked robot and now we're What were you saying again?

Susan Low said...

Love the robot music!