Monday, December 23, 2013

all wrapped up

professional wrapping job by the sweet guy in the shop in germany.
he said he'd studied wrapping for 5 years.
it's so beautiful, we're thinking about not opening it at all.

i am not known for my wrapping skills.
but using my own little felted acorns and keeping it simple
with silver and gold-toned kraft paper, string and a few little aspen cones,
i think i've finally managed a wrapping job i don't have to be ashamed of.

this acorn cap, i experimented using purchased felted balls. 
they were a bit too big.
i'm so glad i gathered these little cones and acorn caps
out in the yard while they were there.
it's about time i grew up and learned to wrap.

i'm so proud of sabin.
she put together totally handmade presents for her friends.
she made the boxes, filled them with wood shavings from far's workshop.
and she made homemade body scrubs, body butter and lip balms.
a couple of my homemade honey soaps
and these are little pamper kits fit for teen divas.

we're even going handmade for the cats.
these felted toys have bells inside.
about time they had some felted things they're allowed to play with.
they've been hard on the bobbaloos.

tomorrow it's christmas in denmark.
it'll be just the three of us.
we're going to bake cookies, watch home alone, eat some good food.
and then open presents in the evening.
hopefully, husband will finish the chimney so we can use our new wood-burning stove.

on the 25th, otherwise known as real christmas,
husband's big girls will come, as well as his danish sister and her family.
we'll have turkey and all the fixings, according to my traditions.
modified for my location, of course.
in that our turkey came from the danish butcher stuffed with minced pork and cream.
it's a lovely bird and i can't wait to see how it will turn out.

merry christmas, one and all!
may your loved ones be close, the wine be plentiful and your stocking full of goodies.

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Ariadne said...

Merry Christmas!Enjoy the day!AriadnefromGreece!