Sunday, December 29, 2013

remember to irrigate your joy

several summers ago, we had some wonderful couchsurfers from the canary islands, who came up to bike around a cold, rainy denmark for several weeks. they stayed with us at the beginning and the end of their trip and we fell a bit in love with them and their positive, happy way of looking at the world. they introduced me to the wonderful phrase, "irrigating your joy," as well as teaching us how to make the delicious pepper-based sauce mojo, which has been, in the summer at least, a twice-weekly affair around here ever since. we've stayed in touch sporadically and yesterday, this delightful little watercolor arrived in the mail. i was so touched that césar remembered us and so many of the details of our life...husband was working on the treehouse when they were here, and sabin was riding over at the neighbor's house and i immediately planted some of the beautiful, special little black potatoes that they brought in our own garden, to see if they would grow. i loved being reminded to irrigate our joy (sometimes it's hard to remember that as you slog through your everyday existence).

i've got to get to ikea and get a frame, but until then, i've hung it above my desk with a bit of washi tape, where it will make me smile and remind me to irrigate the joy every day. i think remembering to do that is as good a new year's resolution as any.

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