Saturday, February 22, 2014

a grey and lazy saturday

the child is sick. the weather is grey. it's been raining off and on all day. and windy. it's best to stay indoors. and bake. and do laundry. and surf the interwebs, curled up with a cat and a cup of tea, season 2 of fringe going on the iPad. during one pause in the rain, i had a little wander, looking for the latest spot the hens are laying their eggs. i noticed that the nettles are already up, so it won't be long 'til we have nettle pesto and nettle gnocchi. i guess i can take a little rain if it brings spring with it. but i didn't find the eggs. i found one, but it was the new little red hen the pilot brought the other day, not the ones who are hiding theirs. but i guess one is better than none. and now husband came in and says he fears he's getting sick too. so i guess i'll make some more tea for everyone and make them keep their distance from me.

* * *

here are a few of the interesting articles i found while surfing around:

*  what lego and apple have in common.

*  the best 404 error pages.

*  a linguist claims to have at least started to crack the code of the voynich manuscript. i thought it might have been an exaggeration, but then i watched the professor's video on this site and he sounds pretty for real.

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