Saturday, February 08, 2014

inspired by the olympics

tho' i haven't watched any of the olympics as of yet,
it is everywhere. mostly in the form of tweets about the horrible hotels.

so i wanted to play with my snow-related minifigures.
our snow is pretty much gone, but i did find some snowdrops.
that wasn't quite the same.

then on the way to the grocery store, i spotted a bit of snow in a shady forest.

luckily, i had the minifigs in my pocket.
and the camera in the car.
as one does.

the snow wasn't very clean and it was melting fast.
probably thanks to the rain.

but i played a little bit anyway.
i'm sure people driving by thought i was mental.
but i know i'm not.

and that's enough, don't you think?


Ariadne said...

They look lovely on the snow. AriadnefromGreece!

rayfamily said...

I love that the mini figurines were in you pocket!

Kamana said...

as long as you are sure of that, who cares what anyone else may think? :)