Saturday, February 01, 2014

a new month, a new project

one of my worries, starting back to a regular office job, is that i will forget to be creative at home (odin knows i'm going to be awesomely creative at work on a daily basis), so i decided to remedy that by giving myself a little project. i got this little wanna-be moleskine at søstrene grene some time ago and have prepared it with a bunch of list prompts inspired by this pin.

the prompts are from an old one of those 30 days of lists projects, tho' i have adjusted them to fit me and cut them down to 28 so it fits a february project (technically, i think there are 29, because i accidentally did two february 11 and didn't want to try to rip it off the page). it is also because i'd like to get back to the daily art journaling that i started clear back in 2010 and abandoned when we moved because things got too crazy.

because it's good to have goals and intentions, i started off with those. so my goals for the month are: i want to do these daily pages, eat vegetarian (tho' we're not giving up bacon, so it's not totally vegetarian, but more bacotarian), i also want to be healthier and that means abandoning my daily glass of wine while i cook (it will be good for me, right?), i want to get a bit more organized, which is why i chose to stick in the little photo of my pretty new boxes - it would be nice if there weren't art supplies on every surface in the dining room. and, last but not least, i want to have a great start at my new job. i have the rest of the prompts pasted into the book, so it should be easy to spend a few minutes every day, making a little list and playing with stamps and paint and pens and washi tape. so stay tuned.

what do you have planned for the shortest month?


Marianna said...

LOL at bacotarian.

SH -ic said...

Good morning .. dear friend .. best wishes for your start on monday . Lego will be gifted to know next to them
anyway .. head up .. wear your crown --
love HH

Teach.Workout.Love said...

Love this !!! Keep At it. Work does tend to make u forget the little things