Monday, February 03, 2014

worth the wait

it wasn't easy, but i got through the waiting at long last. i spent the morning ironing and cleaning and tidying and at last selecting my outfit. i shouldn't have gone with the vintage boots because one heel (which i didn't even know was weak) cracked as i walked from the main building over to where i will work. i was able to glue it and hold it together for the day, and now it's just a funny memory.

had to have a selfie, of course. this is, after all, the age of the selfie.

and this is what was waiting for me on my desk when i arrived. a whole stack of apple awesomeness. it really doesn't get any better than that.

and i got to fish through a box of minifigs for the ones i don't have (alas, they weren't all there, but i will get the final two, i'm certain of it).

in denmark, you nearly always get a welcome bouquet of flowers when you start a new job. i had to bring mine home to enjoy them. most jobs, however, don't come with a whole lot of lego. but then, most jobs aren't this awesome.


celkalee said...

Ah, first day. So glad it went well and you survived the cracked heel. Sounds like something that would happen to me! Lego-awesomeness, create away lucky lady.

Feisty Harriet said...

Woot woot! This post makes me happy, mostly because this new job makes YOU so happy. :)


The Queens Table said...

Happy Happy joy joy to the lego girl! Cute selfie!

Sammi said...

So the new job is going well?

Love Lego creator, I buy it for my boss's kids at Christmas and then spend the following few days playing with them building things with it!

Ariadne said...

Oh how great when you start with those perks!AriadnefromGreece!