Thursday, February 13, 2014

little me (#tbt)

that's me. i'm not sure how old i am, maybe around a year and a half?
dang, dad looked young.
and how cool were my shoes?
but check out that cigarette in dad's hand.

there would be total outrage if you saw a parent smoking with their child in their arms today.
but i don't even remember him smoking.
chewing tobacco yes, but not smoking.
i'll bet they didn't even have a car seat for me.
and guess what? i survived.
and even kinda turned out.
more or less

* * *

but speaking of outrage with regard to children...
there's been an old LEGO ad from the early 70s circulating.
it features a super cute little red-haired girl.
well, someone found her.
and i have to say that i couldn't agree more.
i'm not a fan of the lines for girls and neither is my girl.
but it does seem that LEGO is held to a higher standard than other toy companies.
like, look at this piece on barbie making the cover of sports illustrated.
mattel says they're unapologetic.

* * *

have you heard all of the palaver about the danish giraffe marius?
well, this will make you laugh about it. 


will said...

Seems like in all the old photos of my dad he's smoking ... It's disconcerting to see photos of him as a buff, strong young man and also knowing that cigarettes killed him.

Kikit said...

Hi Julochka, this comment is a bit late, but I'm so happy you made it to Lego. You're the first person I know who works for a company I truly look up to. My geeky husband loves Lego bricks a lot; he spends a lot of time with his mini-figures. :D