Saturday, February 01, 2014

crocheted bits and bobs

as you know, at long last, i have learned to crochet. i actually made this little crocheted stone the very night i learned and it's only now that i managed to tuck in the ends and get it photographed.

the other side of the stone is a bit more freestyle and i think i like it even better. what did it take me, five years to get my act together and learn this? i do wonder what i was waiting for.

there's a freedom in crocheting that i don't feel in knitting. i like that freedom and yet the strange combination of order and randomness. i just free-styled these little pieces the other night and had intended to put them on stones as well, when another idea floated into my head. i'm going to felt some little bowls to go inside and they will be a cover of sorts for the bowl, to add texture to it.

and in a more orderly fashion, i'm also making granny squares with the goal of putting them together into a blanket. it will take a whole lot of squares, but i try to do a couple in the evenings while watching t.v., so eventually, i'll get there. it's so nice to finally begin to use the yarn i've had stashed for this purpose for several years. mostly because using up the yarn you have means you get to buy new yarn!

i'm trying to enjoy my last weekend before starting my new job, tho' today marks the beginning of my contract, so i'm officially employed as of today. what better way than to putter around, being creative while the laundry gets done. here's hoping you're having a relaxing, creative weekend as well.

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Ariadne said...

I am learning how to crochet too these days and I too wonder what I was waiting for!AriadnefromGreece!