Sunday, February 16, 2014

everything is awesome

it was a beautiful weekend.
it surely helped that it started already on thursday evening.
we had time with friends.
fun at lego world.
time spent with sabin (eating sushi and wandering a bit in copenhagen).
a family saturday night of dinner out and the lego movie.
sunday at home making soup and baking paleo "bread" and photographing cats.

everything is awesome.
(that's a quote from the lego movie, by the way.)
and surely also holds portents of the week ahead.

* * *

are cats better at predicting the weather than weathermen?

* * *

it seems as baby boomers get older, it gets easier to talk about sex.
and also to have some. 
i find that encouraging.


celkalee said...

The only landscape I see is white, lots of it.

While I appreciate the Lego's, immersion therapy truly may be the way to go. A sense of serenity in plastic.

Cats can and do predict weather. Intuitive animals, they know more than they let on. Even the dumb ones.

Haven't reached 70 yet but it does keep one to speak!

Molly said...

Is that your lake? SUCH a gorgeous photograph.

julochka said...

@celkalee - i've definitely had LEGO immersion therapy and i have to say it's working! :-)

@molly - alas, no, this is a lake our friends live on. but we do intend to build such a dock out onto our lake one day, when the other projects are finished.

Ariadne said...

I am glad you had a good time! I don't know about cats prediction abilities but dogs have great understanding abilities!AriadnefromGreece!