Tuesday, February 11, 2014


signs the world has gone mad:

1. iPhones containing flappy bird going for obscene amounts on eBay.

signs you have the best job ever:


  pretty much all s person needs. #appleism


  I'm probably going to need some help with this. #legomindstorms #robotsrock #bestjobever


  new moleskine! #dailyswag #bestjobever

signs you are drinking too much coffee (you enlist your minifigures to help serve it to you):

Larry the Barista helps me out with my latte. #legominifigures #legomovie

signs of cuteness (and it's a cat!) in the world:

kitty says hello.

signs that your life may have been taken over by lego and that it might be time to head for bed.

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