Sunday, February 24, 2008

books read so far in 2008

just read a list on another blog, books and cooks, of all the books this woman, tara, whose blog it is, has read thus far in 2008. and i thought that was a brilliant idea. so before i forget any of them:
  1. elizabeth gilbert, eat, pray, love (twice)
  2. donald c. johanson and maitland a. edey, lucy: the beginnings of humankind
  3. dubravka ugresic, the ministry of pain
  4. francis wheen, hoo-hahs and passing frenzies
  5. josé eduardo agualusa, the book of chameleons
  6. stewart lee allen, in the devil's garden
  7. nigel slater, kitchen diaries
  8. nigel slater, real food
  9. nigel slater (are we detecting a theme here?), appetite
  10. nigella lawson, feast
  11. simon hopkinson, roast chicken & other stories
  12. simon hopkinson, second helpings of roast chicken
  13. sam and sam clark, casa moro: the second cookbook
  14. paul cunningham, madjournal
  15. tamasin day-lewis, good-tempered food
  16. j.k. rowling, harry potter and the philosopher's stone (read to sabin)
  17. j.k. rowling, harry potter and the chamber of secrets (read to sabin)
  18. siri hustvedt, what i loved
  19. bill bryson, the life and times of the thunderbolt kid
  20. natalia rose, the raw food detox diet

i know, you're thinking, hey lady, a bunch of those are cookbooks, people don't read cookbooks. but you would be wrong. i actually DO read cookbooks. cover to cover. when the cookbook writers today write as well as nigel slater and nigella lawson, it's silly NOT to read them cover to cover. and be inspired.

i'm going to keep updating this list throughout 2008 and see how many books i manage to read. i've never really thought about keeping track before, so thanks tara, for the inspiration!

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