Sunday, February 10, 2008

fun pages

i made these two pages this weekend, using some of the fab new supplies i got from scrapbook express on friday! the top one is still some of the amy butler papers i was able to buy here in denmark. but, the bottom one is love, elsie letters, 7 gypsies papers, and shiny chipboard buttons. i am totally in love with these colors.
it was fun to think of all of the good things that happened in 2007. i had a much longer list and managed to narrow it to this top 7. but, it seemed like a healthy exercise to look back on all of the great things. i think i probably have to make another page--sort of a take 2--as many very good things were left off this one, like:
  1. time spent at buresø
  2. cape town in november
  3. gorgeous beads i bought in cape town in november
  4. hugo boss suit
  5. the silver ring i got from husband for christmas
  6. my chunky pilgrim drama necklace
  7. leaving maersk
  8. being headhunted
  9. the great people i worked with (irene, jacqui, richard, claus, merel, alison, kerttu, monica (x2), michael, møller, jens, all of the guys and girls from headstrong, jari, tomas, erling, henk, søren, i could go on and on...)
  10. our super-charged eLearning workshops
it feels really good to look back on all of the good things and it's something that one should do on a regular be conscious about what's great in life and what's making you tick, instead of focusing on the negatives.

life really is good! especially when i'm feeling in the creative zone.

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