Monday, February 11, 2008

why is it?

...that everyone who knows me is laughing at my knitting? i took it along to maria & marianne's on saturday and marianne laughed and laughed. she even had to take a picture of me knitting, since it seemed so unbelievable. i may not be the most elegant knitter in the world--i don't have the motions down and know that i must look awkward, because it feels pretty awkward, but i think it's fun to learn. but am i really so un-domestic that people just can't picture me knitting? i've had the same thing to an extent with people not really believing that i can cook. there must be something about me that doesn't seem, upon appearance, to lend itself to things domestic. but sometimes it is a little disheartening that people automatically assume that stuff like knitting and cooking isn't me.

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