Tuesday, February 26, 2008

unraveling the mysteries of the blogosphere

spending far too much time looking at and reading blogs in the past month. i say looking at, because many of them have beautiful photography, which i enjoy very much. but there's also a lot of interesting reading out there. i've learned a few things. for one, i'm what they call a lurker. i read a lot of blogs, i "favorite" them (i don't subscribe, that would start a landslide that i don't want, having just gotten out from under a mountain of email), but generally speaking, i don't comment.

i guess for me it's a bit like walking through the neighborhoods between the train station and our house on the way home from work. i'm there, bundled in my coat, walking along in the darkness in my solitude. in the houses that i pass, lights are glowing and families are gathering around the dinner table. i see plants and flickering candles on the window ledges. i might catch a glimpse of a painting on a far wall. i see a father and daughter with heads bent over the table and imagine that they're working on homework. there's a glow of a t.v. or computer screen on a boy's face. i get a warm flash of insight into that family's life. but, i stand outside of it, an observer. that's what i'm doing in the blogosphere as well. catching glimpses of people's lives and especially of their creativity (since those are the blogs i most frequent), but enjoying and in some cases being positively effected by their thoughts and observations on life.

i guess for now i will lurk on and perhaps eventually begin to participate with a comment here and there...

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