Wednesday, February 13, 2008

it's an actual place

suzi blu totally rocks...and her thoughts are so freeing. my journal is an actual place!! that's so interesting. and so liberating!!! i've been journaling in a boring way for years. with just words. i'm opposed to lines, so it's always been without lines, but still i write in neat little lines. never straying from that. always starting with where i am....(interesting that in light of our other blog (just know where you are)....whether it's home or a hotel room or an airplane or the lobby of the manila pen.

after watching these this evening, i'm soooOOOOO branching out. i'm freeing myself and i'm covering those first few constricted pages of my moleskin with paint and lovely bits of text that i tear from the newspapers i read every day. because life is too short to be so restricted.

my art journal is an actual place. thank you, suzi!!! you totally rock.

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