Wednesday, February 27, 2008

things to remember

i made a page today with my red velvet kit stuff (at long last, after staring at it and lovingly fingering the papers and embellishments on a daily basis for over a week). i also used some awesome journaling tags i got from elle's studio on etsy and a few scraps of fabric i bought 5 years ago to make a pullover for sabin. it's to remind me of all the things i want to remember as i start my new job next week. lessons learned after losing myself a bit too much in my last job. since i can't scan in 30x30, i took some (not too great) pix of it...

my favorite bit of journaling says, "listen to your inner voices and to husband's out-loud voice."

i mixed handwriting and small sticker letters for variety and to keep it from being too squarey and perfect. tho' i admit to feeling strangely nervous about writing on the beautiful little journaling tags--they're so pristine and wonderful, i hate to mess them up! i'll have to get over that feeling.

the small owls are to remind me to be wiser in this job.

the picture was taken at ephesus in turkey. i'm sitting right below the statue of sophia, the divine wisdom, although you can't see her in this picture. that serves as another reminder for me to be wiser. if we don't learn from our experiences, then they are for nothing. i will be wiser and better to myself this time around.

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