Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the special light of spring

this time of year the light is so special in these northern climes. i shouldn't actually try to describe it, because it's indescribable, but since when did i back down from a challenge? maybe it's so striking because if you've lived through the darkest part of the winter, you appreciate the return of the light that much more. as the sun comes up on a february morning, it loses the harshness that it has in october, where it cuts into your eyes from the horizon--that harsh sharpness that almost makes you happy that it's cloudy and overcast all of november. the spring light gives you a sense of hope with its almost pink, goldeny glow. if the temperatures are mild to go with it, you see the leaves of crocuses and snowdrops begin to peek out of the ground, eager to greet the light. the light brings with the promise of spring and even when you otherwise cannot sense spring in the air, you know it's on its way.

we have had the spring light here in denmark for a couple of weeks now. i noticed last week in oslo that it hadn't really reached that far north yet. i remember reading about this spring light in the vilhelm moberg series of novels--the emigrants. kirsten longed for that spring light which she remembered from sweden. now that i have seen it myself, i understand why.

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