Wednesday, February 20, 2008


...if i see one more supposed art journal that is based on an anthropologie catalogue, i'm going to throw up. there's no originality in that. get a life, people. art jounals should contain ART, not just some crappy pictures someone pasted out of a magazine and around which they whined about their pathetic, fat, nothing happening life in stamped letters. arrgh! i'm sick of the sap. i'm sick of the nostalgia. i'm sick of the sentimentality. free me from the sentimentality!!! and free me from the perfect little square corners.

i love pretty papers. i love quotes. i love expressing myself. i love creativity. i love chipboard letters. i love those paper clip thingies and brads. i love alphabets. i love bling and bits of ribbon. rub-ons are cool. and i've been journaling for years in beautiful books. but does it have to result in utter sap? where is the authenticity? where is the rawness? where is the art? where is the inspiration? these people think they're artists. they're not. they're housewives with no lives!!! i SOOOooo don't want to be THAT!

ok, in all fairness (to myself if no one else), i'm pretty sure i'm not that. i mean, it's totally clear that i have a life....and quite a lot of yarn. and scrapbooking supplies. but no sentimental nostalgic sap here. leave it at the door, baby.

the internet may be killing me....


ponks said...

i´m currently writing a song calle "sick of sentimentality" and i hope i can use your text in it! I found it through Google. It´s brilliant, i love it!

julochka said...


you are most welcome, but please do share it with me when you're finished, i'd love to see it. :-)

my email address is in my profile, so feel free to email me directly. :-)


Elizabeth said...

Although I loved diving into your supplies and used it hopefully wisely most art-journals just are made with some pencil and paint. So I can safely say that although I am a housewife I still have a mind of my own.