Monday, February 04, 2008

happy monday!

reasons why this is a great monday!
  1. i filed the paperwork to start my own business today! it feels so exciting. so liberating. so liminal! on the threshhold of something new and exciting.
  2. i just got a new cut and fabulous color!
  3. i have all kinds of gorge-i-o-us scrapping papers and supplies on their way (think tinkering ink and love, elsie...ooh, ooh, i can't wait!!!)
  4. monica's coming back today (with prezzies!) from spain.
  5. i'm making a delicious pot of The Soup.
  6. i've got yael naim's new soul playing on repeat on the iPod through the henry kloss. i will only stop once i reach 600 times!
  7. the sun is shining. at least i think that's what the big bright fireball in the sky has been awhile since we've seen it.
  8. it's almost time to go pick up sabin from school/sfo.

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