Tuesday, February 24, 2009

great adverts

i'm not usually one for posting you tube videos here (unless they make fun of sarah palin and let's face it, she's a bit over), but there are several ads running in denmark at the moment that are just so good that i want to share them. the danish ad people are really irreverant and innovative and they must be some of the best in the world.

the first is for carlsberg sport, a soft drink (kind of a cross between sprite and mountain dew). it takes place on an antarctic research base and depicts what happens when you get really bored all by yourself and have only penguins for companions. you'll get the idea without any translation:

and this one from scandinavian airlines does such a great job of capturing the ennui of business travel and i love, love, love the plane at the end, where it's just the orange and blue of the engine and tail--pared down to the simplest elements, but still recognizable as a plane--scandinavian design at its best. the man in the ad is uffe elleman jensen, a former danish foreign minister. the ad may be echoing lost in translation a bit as well, there's a lot going on and i find it very evocative.

and on the lighter side, a commercial for a mobile phone plan where a girl goes into the changing room to try on clothes during winter and is having so much fun with her phone that when she comes out, it's summer. check out the awesome wallpaper in the changing room. love:

my response to watching that the other day was, "as if her battery would last that long." for some reason, husband laughed uproariously at me for that.

i'm off to put my studio in order now. a real post later...


Molly said...

Great ads!
The Scandi airlines one is lovely. Very Lost in Translation, but emmulated with respect, and very evocative. I'm always ridiculously moved by ads like that - you'd think I'd be more sceptical having been in the industry!
What a sweet looking man.
And what an amazing graphic at the end.
Have a good, creative day!

Sebrina Wilson said...

These are too great!! thanks!

Amanda said...

The business travel ad is amazing. I was knowing exactly how he was feeling at every moment in the ad. Of course, doing a lot of business travel myself, I got it.

Thanks for sharing a little slice of your Denmark life!

Char said...

wonderful smiles to start my morning.