Wednesday, February 11, 2009

in a photo kinda mood

i've been putting my negative scanner to use today, scanning old negatives in preparation for tomorrow's post, so i've totally neglected today's'll see why tomorrow. and while i still owe willow an ode to the letter "i," i'm just going to give you some of the pix i scanned today, because i'm off to dinner with a friend...

husband in san francisco - december 1998
we took turns posing in that spot.
it was new year's eve and we had rented bikes and gone for a long ride across the golden gate bridge and back.
even burned up buildings are beautiful in san francisco
power lines in the late 20th century
ornate fence seen in london somewhere near the british museum
beautiful dead tree behind somewhere behind mt. rushmore
and on agfa pan 400 expired in 1991
the baltic sea
a hint towards tomorrow's post
and one last teaser for tomorrow
hoping your wednesday is more "wonderful" than "what the fuck."


Tara Thayer said...

love these, julie! I went black and white today, too. wonder if you were sending me some telepathic transatlantic b&w brainwaves. hmmm. take care, tt

Dutchbaby said...

Your shots are beautiful. I'm of course partial to the ones on Baker Beach with the Golden Gate Bridge. Such a handsome couple you are!

Char said...

loved these when I saw them on flickr. I really love the bristlecone pine tree. gorgeous.

tangobaby said...

Well, goodness gracious. Is your anniversary tomorrow?!


I love these photos, and the dust and little scratches make them extra cool. There is definitely a subtle difference in film vs. digital, isn't there?

Tess Kincaid said...

After my grandfather died a few years ago, I was given a big box of old negatives. I would love to have a negative scanner. Yours is great!!