Sunday, March 01, 2009

a weekend in denmark

i'm tumbling so many upcoming posts in my mind. when my inspiration/action correlation began to clear on friday, it provoked so many thoughts and ideas. so in the coming weeks you can expect posts on:
  1. alice in wonderland
  2. architecture
  3. whether hyperlinks represent a topography of thought
  4. nordic mythology
  5. really tiny mushrooms
  6. bullying in the workplace
  7. whether it's possible to fast-track the process from inspiration to art
  8. a perfume review (i've been thinking for awhile of doing these on a weekly basis)
  9. hugin & munin
  10. eyeballs
* NOTE: checking them off as i do them. 

but all of these things are still swirling in my head at the moment so for now, i'll just share some scenes from a winter-almost-spring weekend in denmark, some of which are hints to the above:

sabin's first riding lesson
it went smashingly and she's in love

mmm. latte.
and felt heat protectors in scrumptious colors (#22).

ATCs for sabin's swap
oops, we were supposed to mail these yesterday.
oh well, they're so good, tomorrow will be fine.

"where do i report my quest?"
lots and lots of world of warcraft

eyeballs (#23)

really tiny mushrooms

hope your weekend was full of laughter, candlelight , fresh bread, inspiration and a bit of fresh air.


Gwen said...

She looks like a pro on that horse. Perhaps I could learn from her. Horses kind of hate me; does that mean I'm a bad person? because in my defense, dogs really love me. And babies. And teenagers.

Hey, I christened my return to blogging with an award for you over yonder. You don't have to pass it on or anything. Just know that it is truly heartfelt, and that in these dark days of winter, your blog has been an unfailing bright spot for me. Thanks.

Molly said...

You're just firing on all cylinders at the mo!
Proof indeed that procrastination is to be applauded.
Keep up the momentum and you'll be zooming into spring in no time!
Looking forward to the coming posts.

Char said...

first lesson and she has that seat already? awesome job. My nephews are hooked on WOW too

julochka said...

gwen--i'm so glad you're back! and thank you for the extremely wonderful award. i'm glad there's no pressure to pass it on immediately!

molly--i don't know what's up, but i'm going with it!

char--i KNOW, it's amazing! the instructor was amazed too. they already worked on posting the trot, but she didn't really get the hang of it. i'm sure she soon will. and the motivation is there, big time, so we'll definitely continue!

Laura Doyle said...

Laughter, fresh bread, inspiration, and fresh air...check. No candlelight yet. Maybe tonight. : )

You seem so together, despite the fact that you say things are swirling. I always have swirling and yet I don't write the swirls down. On paper that I can find again, anyway. **sigh** I'm turning into my mother.

Just Jules said...

Pulling myself up from a nap - coffee in hand- head still in bed. (Trying to use my cell phone as the mouse... ugg must wake up)

Love the felt coffee cup wraps. I have made dozens since I posted them back when. I have started carrying them in my purse and even sold one at the co-op when I was buying my coffee. Yippy!

Delwyn said...

I love those little latte are very imaginative...happy days