Sunday, July 24, 2011

a change of scenery

a lovely couple of days with friends and family.
in the midst of it, the sad and shocking news from norway.
which i'm still finding quite hard to believe.
it seems so unreal somehow.
like everyone else, i'm still processing what i think and feel about it.

but otherwise, i'm feeling relaxed.
it's good to get away.
but it's good to come back home -
to animals
and garden
and one's own bed.

time for reflecting on this project of ours.
this old farmhouse.
this garden, this simpler life.
and feeling at peace with it.
feeling it's right. 
even if it seems overwhelming at times,
how much work it will take before we're really there.

sometimes it takes talking about it.
and sometimes it just takes living it.

but best of all...
i feel a new surge of energy.
new ideas are being discussed
and some old ones are coming to fruition.

sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery.
even just briefly.


kristina said...

these photos are beautiful. I think what you write here sums up life in a very good way: there is always more than one thing going on; in the midst of sadness, new beginnings.

Karen said...

Love the pictures.. and oh, how horrible that tragedy - I keep thinking of the parents who sent their children to a nature camp.

Glad you got a few days away, we NEED to do that here at This Old House, but have yet to make any plans. The animals, the vegetable gardens.... etc. etc. etc.

Reena said...

Love the daiseys and such a thoughtful post for our friends of Norway ..

Brandy Marie said...

beautiful. _B