Thursday, August 21, 2008

comin' atcha from dunoon, scotland

oh mylanta, as an old friend used to say...what a couple of days it's been! laughter, jokes, £160 cab fare, rides on an old ferry, trying to decipher what is ostensibly english spoken with heavy weegie accents, hilarious conversations with cab drivers, choosing cold or warm beer in a pub, buying new shoes because my feet were killing me in my jessica simpsons and the rain was really not good for them (the shoes), fabulous seared tuna for lunch and gorgeous monkfish for dinner (and you thought glasgow was all haggis and fried mars bars), g&t's with hendrick's (loved by a small handful of people, all over the world), more jokes, insider stories from work, learning about an innovative new design for LNG carriers (i do love me a bit of cryogenics), strange meetings, a glorious hour and a half in scotland's largest bookstore (borders on buchanan st.), a fabulous new design magazine (amelia's magazine), strong desire to mangle the travel agent who put us at fawlty towers in dunoon (he clearly did not look at map and the 40km away he said our hotel was may have been missing a zero), feet that are no longer speaking to me (you cannot go quickly from 1 month of straight havianas back to work pumps), fabulous tights, a reminder of how totally cool it is to be a woman in shipping, 2 brilliant issues of the guardian (i adore that newspaper), the absurdity of having the battery go on all three phones in my possession within 15 minutes of each other, finding the girl who gave me a fabulous haircut last october despite the fact that the salon she worked in had moved and she had moved to a different salon, having an appointment with her tomorrow for a haircut, the weirdness of walking in downtown glasgow while scotland-ireland played a friendly (some of them didn't look that friendly), did i mention lots of jokes and laughing? that's been the best part.

back home tomorrow night and we will then resume regular blogramming. til then, may your day be filled with laughter and great food and your cab fares less than £160 quid!


d smith kaich jones said...

This all sounds so WONDERFUL! I am quite jealous.

Although the hairstylist thing is a bit of spooky/serendipity.

:) Debi

enchantedartist said...

Yes! It all does sound fantastic...even the cab fare...;)

Have a safe trip home...

paris parfait said...

Ah, the joys of Scotland in summer! Have you seen the Little Britain skit about the hotel there?

Visiting you with a calling card from Tangobaby. Lovely blog; will come again. Merci!