Wednesday, August 13, 2008

so, so, so inspiring!!!

as we close in on being finished with the big things in the house and it's almost my turn (as opposed to husband's, who has done all of the heavy lifting and power tool side of things), i have been out buying fabric and then searching for inspiration right here in the blogosphere. and find it i have done.

starting with this absolutely gorgeous piece that heather at skinnylaminx is creating:

fortunately, i have convinced her to make it a little bigger and sell it to me, so it will be hanging in the opening from the old part of our house to the new--like a beautiful, extra-large (150cm x 350cm) super contemporary, lovely, gorgeous canvas! i just can't wait to see it in person!

and then i ran onto this beauty after i ordered some luscious fabrics from designer anna maria horner. it's a collage by stephanie levy and isn't it fabulous?

also on anna maria's blog, i found out about the wonderful quilts from gee's bend

and i even ordered up the beautiful coffee table book from amazon. i'll admit i ordered it for the pictures, but have found that the stories of these women absolutely blow me away. what incredible lives they have led and they have been exquisitely chronicled in this fantastic book. there's a whole section where the story is told in the women's own voices, here's just a little sample:

"i used to help mama work in the garden, raising collard greens, raising chickens. i love to raise chickens now too. i used to love to ride the mule. we had a pet mule, name of ollie, used to let us get up and ride his back. i used to could plow like a man. once i was grown, i could always work my crop out good, get finished, and go help other people. always was smart, loved to be doing something and helping somebody." --annie mae young

isn't that just marvelous? this book is definitely one to savor. there is just so much inspiration out there if you know where to look. what's beautiful and inspiring in your life today?


Barb said...

Oh Julie, How fortunate you are to get this beautiful piece of work by Heather for your window. Don't forget to share it with us when it is in place.

And the wonderful Quilts fromn Gee's Bend. Think I just might have to order the book too. What a treasured piece of history on these woman. B

Magpie said...

that gee's bend book has been on my amazon wishlist FOREVER. maybe i'll get it from the library.